About Us

We are Muslim-Canadians. We are leaders and achievers. We have dreams and aspirations, and we have families and children that are the light of our lives, striving to provide the right education and environment for them.

Al-Taqwa Islamic School was established in September, 2000. Its purpose is to create a Canadian Islamic school exceeding the most current provincial curriculums, realizing every individual student’s potential and goals for future success.

Our graduates and alumni have graduated and achieved their visions and our mission statement. More families are taking note and are enrolling their children to gain the advantage of a strong education, and a strong Muslim identity.

Parents wish success for their children – we envision it and strive to provide it.

See what your children could aspire to and achieve within.

Al-Taqwa Islamic School welcomes you to join us and see the power of success.


The Islamic Educational Foundation of Canada was founded in September 2000 by establishing Al Taqwa Islamic School in London Ontario, Canada. Al-Taqwa started with only 4 students, up to the fourth grade and grew by the end of the year to 40 students. The following year Al-Taqwa was open from JK to Grade 8 and the enrolment grew beyond expectations.

In 2003, we welcomed our new campus for our Al-Taqwa SecondarySchool, which was added to accommodate our secondary school students and was accredited by the Ministry Of Education.

Later in 2014, World Class Kids Daycare was created as the first Islamic licensed daycare in London, Ontario, Canada, where toddlers and infants have a place to be in our large institution of faith, growth and learning.

Also in effort to learn our holy book, Al Furqan Center for Teaching Quran was established at Al-Taqwa Schools for teaching, memorization and understanding of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH).


"Al-Taqwa Academy philosophy is rooted in the belief that education is a process, which encompasses all the experiences students encounter in their school."

Al-Taqwa Islamic Schools provide comprehensive academic environments that nourish every child’s unique needs. In addition, an Ontario certified curriculum with Islamic Education courses adds an element of faith and community studies.

Al-Taqwa Islamic School encourages independence and strives for excellence. Our programs are designed with professional care by providing up to date materials and textbooks to advance the knowledge of our students beyond their grade level.

Career Opportunities

Al-Taqwa’s qualified faculty and staff are the backbone of our institution and paramount to our school’s success. They are committed to inspiring, developing and sustaining excellence while creating an exceptional learning environment for the students.

Career opportunities arise at different times, applicants are encouraged to send their resume and cover letter to ischool@altaqwa.org and applicants will be contacted if an availability has opened. Applicants are also recommended to check the Job Bank website www.jobbank.gc.ca for any current openings.

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Al-Taqwa School's new location is located on a 7 acre property with ample space and an innovative facility. The building consists of two wings and accommodates both the elementary and secondary school. Visit our facility for your personal tour.

Al-Taqwa Elementary School

1837 Churchill Ave.
London Ontario
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School Hours: Monday – Friday 8-4 pm
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