We welcome new students into our school year round. Availability in our classrooms varies in each level. Please join us and visit our campus to get a feel of our school environment. Please complete the online Inquiry form or call 519-951-1414 for further information.

All new students will complete a series of exams in the core subjects of English, Math, Science, and Arabic. Placement is determined by the results of the exams. These placement exams are required for students starting from Grade 2 to Grade 8.

The Al-Taqwa Advantage

1. The Best of Both Worlds

We offer the academics of a private school and the faith of a religious school. Our religion is a way of life and we aim to incorporate that into our school environment, which will nurture and reinforce what parents have established.

To enhance character development we have implemented activities and daily programs that help children build character, leadership and a moral compass.

2. The Trilingual Advantage

As a part of our extensive curriculum, Al-Taqwa offers three languages to its students from Grade 1 to Grade 8- English, French and Arabic. JK and SK students learn the essentials of English and Arabic. Students graduate with a strong basis in these languages to be able to move on in our multicultural world.

3. Bringing Learning to Life with Technology and Learning

All classrooms are integrated with Smart Board Technologies (for our lower grades) and PolyvisionEno Bluetooth Boards (for our higher grades) to bring learning to life for students.

Every class is equipped with resources that enrich learning environments and promote student learning through hands-on experience and activate the student senses, while bringing the world through their fingertips.

4. Scientific Discovery

In supporting our standard Ontario curriculum students engage in scientific discoveries and mathematical University competitions with other schools.

Our students have won multiple awards from the London District School Board Science Fair, and students from both Elementary and Secondary Schools have proceeded to compete in the Canada Wide Science Fair competition.

5. The Close-Knit Classroom Experience

Students are given closer attention to enhance their learning experience with a smaller teacher to student ratio. Every student is fostered as an individual in academic and moral growth spheres. The school’s family environment will make it feel like a home away from home.

6. Family Environment

At Al-Taqwa, a family environment is what we strive for. Students spend a large portion of their day at school, through compassion, love and mentoring we try to provide a loving family environment for the student’s comfort. As a family we are able to make a difference in each other, in the school, and in our community.

7. Islamic Holidays

We place a great emphasis on understanding and celebrating our important religious days. During Hajj season, students explore a real life simulation of the Hajj and its rituals, Ramadan is explained and fasted together, and many more of our beloved traditions and holidays are shared in our school and with our collective families.

8. Al-Taqwa Transportation

Transportation to and from Al-Taqwa school is available to all areas in the city with different pick up locations for our big yellow school bus and door-to-door pick up with our school vans.

9. Hot Lunches

Hot lunches are available for elementary school students. The lunches are cooked at the secondary school and delivered to the students. In addition to school cooked hot lunches, food is also catered from local halal restaurants.

10. Daily Activities

Students enjoy daily activities that create an active and fun filled school experience. This includes our weekly swimming sessions, athletic competitions and much more.


Al-Taqwa Islamic School is conveniently located off of Oxford St. E in front of Fanshawe College. Our students come from all around the city of London through different means of transportation.

The Big Yellow Bus

Al-Taqwa Schools offers bus station stops around London through Elgie Bus Lines. Students will be assigned pick up and drop off locations to ensure our students are accommodated throughout the city.

Al-Taqwa School Vans - Door-to-Door

Door-to door service ensures that students will be picked up from their house and driven to school. This is a service that has limited seating and is on a first come first serve basis.


Al-Taqwa is supported by you, the parent. Student tuition is essential to the success of the school. We strive to maintain a competitive and reasonable rate compared to private and Islamic Schools. Please contact the admission representative for a school visit to gain more information on student tuition and fees.

Financial Aid

It is Al-Taqwa policy to not turn any students away for financial reasons. Al-Taqwa try’s to find ways to ensure that we can accommodate all students for a better education and Islamic environment, if they meet all the admission requirements.

If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact our registration officer for the Financial Aid forms.

Age Requirements for School Entry

Our children starting school is a milestone that every parent cherishes. These are guidelines for children that are entering school.

Daycare: 2-4 Years Old.

Junior Kindergarten: 4 years of age onward, or before Dec. 31st of the school year.

Senior Kindergarten: 5 years of age onward, or before December 31 of the school year.

Grade 1: 6 Years old onward or before December 31st of the school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Al-Taqwa looking for in a perspective student?

We are looking for students who are motivated to learn and will take advantage of the opportunities offered by our challenging academics, enriched curriculum, and daily worship. We welcome all students to our schools from all different backgrounds.

How does Al-Taqwa differ from a public school?

Al-Taqwa is a private, non-profit school that values its enhanced curriculum while enriched by technology, athletics and work ethic. Students explore a religious life style that is experienced throughout the school day. Our classroom sizes are smaller and there is smaller student to teacher ratio, allowing for more focus on individual needs.

Where do students go after Al-Taqwa?

Our students are accepted into prestigious universities and colleges in Canada and around the world. Our secondary school has an average graduating class of 20 students with a 100% acceptance rate into their desired program and destination. Past graduates have excelled in their careers and embraced various professions in medicine, dentistry, engineering, education, social work, languages, and much more.

What type of extracurricular activities does Al-Taqwa Offer?

Our students have extensive opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities, including swimming, track-and-field, sports, arts, community service, special events, various clubs, and more.

Does Al-Taqwa offer Transportation?

Yes, Al-Taqwa offers two modes of transportation: Door-to-Door Buses and Busses that pick up and drop of from various city wide locations.

Is Al-Taqwa Elementary school is recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education?

Yes, Al-Taqwa Elementary School is recognized and is a registered school with the Ontario Ministry of Education. Every student that is registered at our school holds an Ontario Student Record that holds documentations and report cards that are recognized around the world.

Does the school follow the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum?

Al-Taqwa Elementary School offers the best of what the Ontario Curriculum has to offer and also exceeds the expectations with higher expectations and standards.

Will the school be offering the new Ontario Physical Education Curriculum implemented in the 2015/2016 school year?

Al-Taqwa Elementary School will not be teaching the full recommended changes that are proposed in the updated Physical Education Curriculum. Al-Taqwa has created a curriculum that is suitable to our Islamic morals and teachings to help students benefit from the knowledge in an Islamic manner.