New School Building

You talked, we listened! Al-Taqwa Schools are pleased to announce the opening of a new school building for September 2016, inshaAllah.



Your child's future is important to us and our school environment is the best place to assist in building it.

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  • "Al-Taqwa is a truly enlightening and a comprehensive educational institution; everything you expect as a parent, and deserve as a student. The most worthwhile investment I made for my kids."

    Nedal Alouzi, Father of Seenan Al-Louzi

  • "Al Taqwa, where do I begin?! It's more than just a school; it's everything you could ask for and more. I'm glad out of all of the schools out there, I came to Al Taqwa Islamic School. If you asked me to describe Al Taqwa in one word it would be FAMILY".

    Maryium Mansur, Al-Taqwa Student

  • "Al-Taqwa is a second home for my children. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful school, providing them with excellent education, a very inspiring Islamic environment, and a loving, family like atmosphere. They have thrived and learned so much from Al Taqwa, alhamdulilah for such a great Islamic School. The kids enjoy it so much and look forward to it every day. May Allah bless them all."

    Dr.Hegazy - Physician at LHSC, Father of Safia and Soliman Hegazy

  • "I have three children who graduated from Al Taqwa, one has graduated university, while the other is doing well at Western University and another just graduated from Al-Taqwa Secondary School. I would recommend that people send their kids to Al-Taqwa, the kids learn their deen while being in an Islamic environment. The small class sizes have many advantages for learning and allow teachers to get to know the students which helps the students excel in their academics."

    Sirad Shidane, Mother of Maymouna Aden.

  • "Al-Taqwa Islamic Schools have been a great part of my children's lives from the first day they opened. I feel very fortunate that my children had the opportunity to be a part of this great organization. With the help of the administration and staff, our children learn to be the best that they can be. The best includes top Educational experience, caring teachers and the finest Islamic atmosphere. We are fortunate to be able to send our children to this school and watch them grow up to continue their future goals. I would recommend Al Taqwa to everyone."

    Samar Al Halbouni, mother of Genan Al Halbouni.

  • "At Al-Taqwa we have many privileges such as learning English, Math, Science, etc. but we mostly learn our deen, Islam. I am grateful that I have this privilege and that I go to Al-Taqwa, I am also grateful that I am learning my religion in a safe environment."

    Hawa Ahmed, Al-Taqwa Student

  • "I am indeed grateful that our children were able to study in this school. Over these 3 years, they have gained much by way of their understanding of the teachings of Islam in its true sense that is inclusive and embracing of science and arts. Their understanding of their role as responsible individuals in our society has been remarkable. The institution has encouraged their participation in science fairs, quizzes, fundraising and many more. It's hard to expect anything more, but Al-Taqwa, did just that. They ensured a drug and bullying free environment, allowing children to grow and excel in academics."

    Dr. Shabbir, Father of Adnan Shabbir.

  • "Al-Taqwa teaches us right and wrong, how to be a better Muslims, and treat everyone equally."

    Nadia Hernandaz, Al-Taqwa Student

  • "I find that the amount of children in the classroom is reasonable allowing the teachers to focus on those that need help. I like that my son is attending Al-Taqwa because I find that it teaches him to be respectful to others and to learn proper manners. The Al-Taqwa staff are friendly and helpful to me and my child. They have no problem answering my questions when I call."

    Aicha Hassane, Mother of Hafiz Adamou.

  • "AL-Taqwa is like a second home to me, filled with my family. It is a place that I know I will be safe to be in. Within the walls are my brothers and sisters all of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and races. And even though we make mistakes, and have our own flaws, we can always count on having each other's backs, no matter what. There is always a shoulder to lean on, or arms that you can run into, because that's what makes us a family."

    Ayah Barghout, AL-Taqwa Student.