Our Faith

The Al-Taqwa community strives to strengthen their religion and enhance their character collectively. Students begin experiencing their religion through example and play at the young age of Kindergarten and move on to strengthen their Muslim Identity, knowledge and spirituality as they progress to the 8th grade.

The school prides itself with a strong Quran memorization program for all students. By the eighth grade students are encouraged to memorize Surat Al-Baqarah, the longest chapter of the Quran.

Each grade holds an extensive Islamic Studies curriculum for moral development, Quran memorization, Fiqh, Sunnah and Aqeedah etc.Students are encouraged to research, learn and love their religion through words of encouragement, real life examples and learning the example of our beloved Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). Students from Gr. 6-8 have youth groups that discuss life lessons in gender specific groups that strengthen their religion, moral and leadership in their everyday lives.

Quran Program

The guiding light of every Muslim’s life is the book of Allah. The sacred text of Islam is taught to our students via special morning memorization classes. Younger students begin in Juzu 30 and memorize a Juzu (chapter) every year and more. Students also study Quran in Islamic Studies classes that focus on understanding it and learning its meanings.

Al-Furqan For Learning the Quran

Al-Taqwa's Al-Furqan for Teaching Quran also offers our students an after school and weekend Quran program. Students are taught focused memorization and the proper reading of pronunciation of the Quran.

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The backbone of our daily lives is also the foundation of our students and the Taqwa community. Our days begin with the daytime supplications, the daily five prayers, and Jumah Prayer are upheld during the school day in our school mosque, followed by short prophetic sayings. Students are encouraged and given turns to lead prayers, supplications and sermons to gain leadership, experience and a love for their deen.

Character Programs

Our character programs are catered to instill and foster morals, positive character, and manners in our students. Students live the character building through their daily lessons and weekly programs. We understand that character building is an ongoing process and school wide initiative. Character development is taught from a religious and social nature to all grades.