Student Life

Students come together to contribute to a family of different cultures and interests. Students begin their day with prayers and praise of Allah and then embark on a whole day of learning. Character development, leadership, is implemented in activities and daily programs.Furthermore, through instruction and interaction we encourage students to follow their interests and cultivate their own educational journey using the resources and assistance available in school and in the community.

At Al-Taqwa students to get involved in athletics, clubs, competitions, activism, to create a well-rounded educational experiences.


Al-Taqwa’s students have won numerous awards and excelled in competitions nationwide. At Al-Taqwa we encourage students to join other schools in competitions to practice their skills and knowledge.

Not only do our students excel year after year at the London District Science Fair, in 2014 Al-Taqwa students won 60% of all awards distributed city wide. Students have also won awards in University of Waterloo Goss Math and Computer Competitions, Polar Expressions Poetry and Short Story contests, NAMF Speech Competitions, and much more.


Aside from the student’s regular physical education classes, our students participate and compete in city wide tournaments and competitions. They are involved in inter-facility leagues with track and field, swimming, soccer, etc. In addition to in-school activities, students are encouraged to participate in city-wide activities and extra-curricular activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.


Students are encouraged to get involved in clubs and activities. Our clubs vary upon the interest of the students and have a large impact on the school and the community at large. Students get involved with the student council, Al-Taqwa Gives Back, sports, crafts, leadership and much more.

Friday Family Nights

Family Nights are when everyone gets together for fun and activities. Whether it’s Mad Science presenting, wild animals, fun fairs, movie nights, guest speakers and much more, there is fun for everyone. Every last Friday night of every school month, students and parents are invited to come together and enjoy.