Academic Excellence

Al-Taqwa's strong broad foundation, extensive and rigorous curriculum, and a small teacher-to- student ratio not only prepares students for university and college, but instills in them the love of lifelong learning. The school curriculum exceeds Ontario Curriculum expectations with learning resources and the latest classroom technologies.

Al-Taqwa offers our students the opportunity to graduate within three years of high school if they choose to do so. With five courses offered a semester, students don’t have an ability to fast track and reach their goals faster. Finishing high school early can give students the edge to proceed to post-secondary education with the knowledge they need to prosper.


Al-Taqwa is committed to providing a challenging curriculum. At minimum, the curriculum must fulfill the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum standards designed by the Ontario Ministry of Education for each course offered.

Course Outlines are distributed according to the ministry requirements to the students at the beginning of each semester. These Course Outlines will include units to be covered, overall ministry expectations, teaching methods, assessment methods and more.

All textbooks used for courses offered at Al-Taqwa are approved and recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Education to meet the appropriate expectations specified. Teachers are also equipped with resources and materials that assist in teaching the subjects to the students.

Visit the Ontario Ministry of Education for more information

Graduation Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma Requirements arerequired to graduate in Al-Taqwa Secondary School. The OSSD is required to be able to pursue both university and college post-secondary education options. With Taqwa Fast Track, students will have the ability to take 10 credits a year- totaling to 30 credits towards the end of their 11th grade. Our students are able to fast track their Grades 9-12 courses and graduate in three years.

Our schedules are catered to our students to ensure that students have the courses they need to succeed. All of our graduates that have completed Taqwa Fast Track received a 100% acceptance rate to Universities and Colleges locally and all over the world and have graduated from their post-secondary education with distinction in their fields.


Since Al-Taqwa Secondary School’s establishment, our emphasis has been on helping each student to reach their greatest potential. Every student that joins the Al-Taqwa family is given personal attention and guidance. We provide university and college academic counselling for all grade 9-12 students, with the greatest emphasis on students in Grade 11 & 12. Assistance is not limited to career choices and applications to the Ontario University Application Center and Ontario College Application Center, we also focus on social mentoring. Students are encouraged to follow their interests and talents, and are visited by area universities throughout the beginning of their application cycle to help guide their decision.

Through counselling, students determine pathways and careers that they may want to discover in their quest for knowledge.

Al-Taqwa often collaborates with other professionals and institutions in the planning of field trips or bringing interesting and informative workshops and seminars in school for students to benefit from.

Co-operative Education Courses

Students have the opportunity to experience their desired work placement while achieving two credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and also can count for Categories 1,2, & 3 from the Ontario Secondary School compulsory graduation requirements. Students may test a different field of employment every school year. Placements could include (but not limited to) hospitals, schools, medical offices, local businesses and more.

AP Courses

Al-Taqwa offers various Advanced Placement courses and exams. These courses are equivalent to University level courses at universities all around the world. Students are given a chance to experience the curriculum of university level classes while they are still in high school.

Students have the choice of either an exam or a course. Courses are offered in school and assessed by teachers following the proposed course outlines provided by the AP College Board. Exams are administered at Al-Taqwa and assessed by the AP College Exams.