Al-Taqwa sets and maintains a high standard of academics, knowledge through faith, and character. Our school focuses in nurturing Muslim leaders, exceptional Canadian citizens and to provide an environment for each student to excel and grow insha Allah. Students begin their day with prayers and praise of Allah and then embark on a whole day of learning. Students become a family of different cultures and interests.

Registration for courses varies upon date of entry and completed prerequisites in prior schools. Come visit our campus to get a feel of our school environment and see what Al-Taqwa has to offer.

Every student’s situation will determine what courses and pathway they should follow. Book an appointment today to meet with our team for guidance counselling. Placement exams may be offered to determine eligibility for a course.

Admission Documents Required:

  • Canadian ID: Birth Certificate/ Passport/ Permanent Resident/Visa
  • Most recent transcript/report cards
  • Health Card
  • Up-to-date Immunization Records
  • Attendance Record

Please complete the online Inquiry form or call 519-453-3366 ext. 3 for further information.

The Al-Taqwa Advantage

The Best of Both Worlds

Enjoy the benefits of both worlds- we offer the academics of a private school and the faith of a religious school. Our religion is a way of life and we aim to incorporate that into our school environment, which will nurture and pave your path of beliefs as a young adult.

To enhance character development, we have implemented activities and daily programs that help children build character, leadership and a moral compass.

Islamic Holidays

We've got your back on Eid and we offer you a full holiday off for you to spend with your family or just enjoy your time at home. Don’t worry about missing assignments or catching up missed lessons- everyone at school is celebrating just like you! During Hajj season, students explore a real life simulation of the Hajj and its rituals, Eid gift exchange and school wide celebrations are some of the ways that we welcome Eid. In Ramadan, not only do we celebrate together, we fast together- that way you feel the strength through our joint community.

Taqwa Fast Track- 3 Year Graduation

We have created a chance for students to fast track through high school. Any student that joins Al-Taqwa in Grade 9 has the ability to graduate and finish all their courses from Grade 9-12, by the end of Grade 11. All of our fast tracking students have been accepted in universities and colleges locally and worldwide. University Graduates are excelling in their fields with the advantage of being ahead.

Students may also choose to finish in 4 years of secondary school, both options are available and provided for your achievement.

Bringing Learning to Life with Technology and Learning

All classrooms are integrated with Polyvision Eno Bluetooth Interactive Boards to bring learning to life for students.

Every class is equipped with resources that exceed learning expectations and promote student learning through hands-on experience and activate the student senses, while bringing up the world through their fingertips.

Scientific Discovery

In supporting our standard curriculum, students engage in scientific discoveries and mathematical University competitions with other schools.

Our students have won multiple awards from the London District School Board Science Fair and students from both Elementary and Secondary Schools have proceeded to compete in the Canada Wide Science Fair competition.

Smaller Teacher to Student Ratio

In Al-Taqwa’s close-knit classroom experience,Students are given closer attention to enhance their learning experience with a smaller teacher to student ratio. Every student is treated as an individual in academic and moral growth. The school’s family environment will make school feel like a second home.

Daily Activities

Al-Taqwa has a laid back environment where every student feels at home. Whether it is our fun weekly trivia, or monthly school wide scheduled activities, there are always activities for students to enjoy that create an active and fun filled memorable school experience. This includes our weekly swimming sessions, athletic competitions, trivia, clubs and much more!

Family Environment

As soon as a student enters our school, you will be welcomed with open arms into our family. No matter what grade you are in, everyone gets along together. Al-Taqwa will be your second home where you will feel welcomed and looked after. You are supported by the administration, staff and students to fulfill your highest potential and reach your highest dreams.

Al-Taqwa Transportation

Transportation to and from Al-Taqwa school is available to all areas in the city with different pick up locations for our big yellow school bus and door-to-door pick up with our school vans.

Hot Lunches

In addition to our famous Friday Pizza, Zaatar and Meat Pies-baked in our school kitchen, hot lunches are available daily in our cafeteria. Enjoy our mixture of different cuisines, from shawarma to burgers and fries; hot lunches are ready for your enjoyment every day. Al-Taqwa also caters from local halal restaurants to serve your taste buds!

Taqwa Fast Track

Our students are able to fast track their Grades 9-12 courses and graduate in only three years. Taqwa Fast Track in three years is an option for all students that begin in Al-Taqwa in Grade 9; students may also choose to finish in 4 years of secondary school. We offer our students five credits a semester which assists in course selection and completion to all students at any stage of their secondary school education if needed. Our schedules are catered to our students to ensure that students have the courses they need to succeed. All of our graduates that have completed Taqwa Fast Track received a 100% acceptance rate to Universities and Colleges locally and all over the world and have graduated from their post-secondary education with distinction in their fields.

International Students

Al-Taqwa is proud to have a diverse and multicultural spectrum of students. We welcome students from all countries to our school. We host an amazing mixture of contemporary education and religious environment.

We welcome students from around the world, to the beautiful city of London, Ontario. London is situated in southwestern Ontario, two hours south of Toronto and the famous Niagara Falls. Attending Al-Taqwa Secondary School in London will help you gain your Ontario Secondary School Diploma which will open up your options of the best Universities and Colleges in Canada, The United States and around the world.

Al-Taqwa Secondary School helps our international students adjust to living in Canada. We have staff members speak a variety of languages and are always willing to help with anything you may need.


  • A Custodianship Declaration - Parent/Guardian completed by the parent in the country of origin, stating that arrangements have been made for a custodian to act in the place of the parent. This document must be notarized in the country of origin.
  • A Custodianship Declaration - Custodian completed by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident over the age of 19 years, stating that arrangements have been made for the custodian to act in place of a parent in times of emergency, as when immediate medical or other intervention is required. This document must be notarized in Canada.
  • The prospective student(s) will need a Study Permit in order to study in Canada. An application must be made to the Canadian Embassy/Consulate General in their home country for a Study Permit. One of the documents required in support of the application for a Study Permit is a letter of acceptance from the school or school board in Canada. The acceptance letter should be attached to the application submitted to the Canadian Embassy/Consulate General as proof of acceptance to an educational institution in Canada.

The following are the documents which we require in order to provide a letter of acceptance:

  • Application for Student Admission
  • Custodianship Declaration - Parent/Guardian
  • Custodianship Declaration - Custodian
  • Copy of passport(s)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate and / or Family Register
  • Vaccination records for students under the age of 18 years old
  • Proof of Health insurance
  • Proof of full payment

Join us at Al-Taqwa Secondary School for a great opportunity and earn your Ontario Secondary School Diploma as you prepare for your university or college post-secondary degree.


Al-Taqwa is supported by you, the parent. Student tuition is essential to the success of the school. We strive to maintain a competitive and reasonable rate compared to private and Islamic Schools. Please contact the admission representative for a school visit to gain more information on student tuition and fees.

Financial Aid

It is our policy to not turn any students away for financial reasons. Al-Taqwa tries to find ways to ensure that we can accommodate all students for a better education and Islamic environment, if they meet all the admission requirements.

If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact our registration officer for the Financial Aid forms.


Yellow Bus

Al-Taqwa Schools offers bus station stops around London through Elgie Bus Lines. Students will be assigned pick up and drop off locations to ensure our students are accommodated throughout the city.

Al-Taqwa School Vans - Door-to-Door

Door-to door service ensures that students will be picked up from their house and driven to school. This is a service that has limited seating and is on a first come- first serve basis.


Al-Taqwa Secondary School has ample parking spots for senior students that would like to drive to school. Students may also carpool, all cars parked in the parking lot on campus must register in the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Al-Taqwa Secondary School inspected, and recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education?

YES, Al-Taqwa Secondary School is inspected and recognized on the Ministry of Education Website, and provided with a BSID and MIDENT number, our Ontario School MIDENT number is 665037. Every two years Al-Taqwa Secondary School is inspected by a Ministry of Education Inspector that grants Al-Taqwa the authority to issue credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma since 2001/2002. Every student that is registered at our school holds an Ontario Student Record, this holds documentations and report cards that are recognized around the world.

Does the school follow the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum?

YES, Al-Taqwa Secondary School offers and exceeds the Ontario Curriculum for Secondary School with higher expectations and standards. All courses that Al-Taqwa offers are a part of the Ontario Secondary School curriculum and work towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Certificate. All subjects are offered like Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Business, Technologies, and more. Al-Taqwa also has Ontario Ministry of Education locally developed courses in Islamic Studies from Grades 9-12.

Where do students go after Al-Taqwa Secondary School?

Al-Taqwa students are accepted into prestigious Universities and Colleges in Canada and around the world. Our secondary school has an average graduating class of 20 students with a 100% acceptance rate into their desired program and destination- Universities like Western University, University of Toronto, Queens University, McMaster, Ryerson, and many more. Past graduates have excelled in their careers and embraced various professions in medicine, dentistry, engineering, education, social work, languages, and much more.

How does Al-Taqwa Secondary School differ from a public school?

Al-Taqwa is a private, non-profit school that values its enhanced curriculum while enriched by work ethic, encouragement, faith, technology, and athletics. Students explore a religious life style that is experienced throughout the school day. Our classroom sizes have a smaller student to teacher ratio, allowing for more focus on individual needs.

What is Al-Taqwa looking for in a perspective student?

We are looking for committed students who are motivated to learn and will take advantage of the opportunities offered by our challenging academics, enriched curriculum, and daily worship. We welcome all students to our schools from all different backgrounds.

Check out some on our Alumni page!

What type of extracurricular activities does Al-Taqwa Offer?

Our students have extensive opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities, including swimming, track-and-field, sports, arts, field trips, community service, special events, various clubs, and more. Students are given leadership opportunities and chances to initiate, join activities and events in school to keep the Taqwa spirit going.

Does Al-Taqwa offer transportation?

Yes, Al-Taqwa offers two modes of transportation: Door-to-Door Buses and Yellow Busses that pick up and drop of from various city wide locations.