Al-Taqwa School's greatest legacy is its alumni!

The bonds created and the lessons learned will be with the ones that carry with them for a lifetime.

We are proud of our Al-Taqwa Graduates and their accomplishments in their academics and within the community. With an average of 20 graduating students per year, our students have received recognitions from their universities and their respectable professions. It is amazing how time flies, the memories that our students spent with us at Al-Taqwa Secondary School seems like it was just yesterday.

Where did they go?

Our students have traveled to seek knowledge at Universities/colleges in different countries around the world.

Past Alumni

Your place at Al-Taqwa is truly missed, although we know you are on to bigger and better milestones, keep us in touch! Always keep us in the loop, whether it’s graduating university/college, getting your first job, getting married, or the birth of your child- your milestones are our milestones!

Alumni Updates:

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Testimonial Paragraph (Experiences, memories, how Al-Taqwa helped you achieve your success in your respected life and career):
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Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni, you have the ability to make a difference with your school whether it’s volunteering with Al-Taqwa students, speaking and sharing your pathways or assisting with marketing effort. Al-Taqwa welcomes the many contributions of our alumni and invites them to participate in the spirit of the school.

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Transcript and Document Request

Al-Taqwa holds transcripts and records for our Alumni Graduates and are available for request through out the school year. Please download the attached forms and email to for processing.

If you need more information please contact our front office for assistance.

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