New School Building

You talked, we listened! Al-Taqwa Schools are pleased to announce the opening of a new school building for September 2016, inshaAllah.



  • Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma Credits since 2001
  • "My time at Al-Taqwa Islamic School has equipped me with the right skills and mindset to succeed in my studies! Al-Taqwa's extra courses helped me graduate at 16 years old to pursue higher education. Mrs. Siham had always done her best to provide a balanced atmosphere through teaching both Arabic and Islamic education while also enriching us with the knowledge we needed for college/university."

    Roba Obaisi, Dentist, Royal College of Ontario Dentists, Al-Taqwa Class of 2005

  • "Al-Taqwa was the first important stepping stone in shaping the individual I am today. It was a positive and unforgettable experience where I learned the most about who I am and what I desire to achieve in life. It was a relaxed environment which really made learning an ease and enjoyable, and as a result helped me succeed in my studies and push me to learn more. I also met some of the best people I've met in my life, which I'm lucky to still be in touch with till this day. Al-Taqwa will always feel like a second home to me."

    Maryam Al-Khairulla, Pharmacist- University of Greenwich U.K, Al-Taqwa Graduate ‘2006

  • "Al-Taqwa helped me start the journey I had planned for my future career as it walked me through major milestones by introducing me to the different aspects of the Canadian culture while maintaining a great Islamic atmosphere in which I can learn, sharpen my skills, discover my abilities, and get closer to Allah (SWT)."

    Emad Saleh- Civil Engineering, Western University Graduate, Al-Taqwa Graduate 2007

  • "Having experienced Al-Taqwa for only this semester, made me regret the times I spent anywhere else"

    Rashed Alhourani Western University Engineering Student. Al-Taqwa Class of 2015

  • "If I was re-given the chance to go to a different high school, I would choose Al-Taqwa every time."

    ObaidahRkhes, Western University Engineering, Al-Taqwa 2014

  • "Al-Taqwa has prepared me academically, socially, and spiritually and has played a crucial role towards the individual I am today. I have been prepared to leave a school with a small community and close relationships with students, teachers, and staff to a university with a bigger community. I have been prepared to find my roads academically and spiritually amongst being surrounded by thousands of students at university. I have learned the strength, honour, pride, appreciation, beauty, and wisdom in my religion and I thank Allah SWT for allowing me to attend Al-Taqwa Secondary School which has helped shape me in preparation for boundless ambitions for a rewarding academic and spiritual career."

    Iman Al-Areibi, Medical Sciences Graduate, Western University, Al-Taqwa Class of 2008

  • "My experience at Al-Taqwa has truly been one of a kind; my experience here has a hand in shaping me for the future."

    Anisa Aden, Western Univeristy Student Al-Taqwa Graduate 2013.

  • "I am so glad I met Mr. Saad; he made me realize that I have to follow my dreams and try to achieve them all. He made me love Math and Science and helped me think logically"

    Tarek Srour, Western Univerity Engineering Student, Al-Taqwa Graduate 2014.

  • "Al-Taqwa is the place when you feel that there is somebody who cares about your future more than yourself."

    Zina Jouda, Dental School, Univeristy of Jordan. Al-Taqwa 2014.

  • "I made friends and teachers in Al-Taqwa that I will never forget"

    Abdulrahman Elshafei, University of Newfoundland Engineering Student. Al-Taqwa Graduate 2015.

  • "While running for school elections, the first thing I asked my peers was "why do you think Islamic schools exist?" Islamic schools exist to provide the younger generation with a sense of self-awareness, pride regarding personal identity, and most importantly the growth of piety or "taqwa". These survival skills are then embedded within us as ignition to properly represent Islam’s benevolent spirit in a westernized white-dominant society. Personally, this is my eighth and final year at Al Taqwa, and as I aspire to enter both the medical and writing fields, credit lies upon their hands for providing me with enough survival skills to label any achievements that I’ll derive to as mere Muslim excellence."

    Noor Hmidan, Al-Taqwa Student, Class of 2016

  • "Al-Taqwa S.S. was not just a normal school that I have attended, but this school opened my eyes to life and made me closer to Allah SWT."

    Aws Hamoodi Al-Taqwa Graduate 2013

  • "When I reflect on my accomplishments, I always recall those important elementary and high school years at Al-Taqwa. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn and grow in such a nurturing and supporting environment. By having the opportunity to complete my high school years by the age of 16, I was able to get a head start on my options in University. Everywhere I went I was always the youngest, but that wasn't a setback, it was definitely an advantage in many ways. Being the youngest teacher candidate at Althouse, and as a teacher now, I always felt the need to be the best and to hold a positive image about Muslim women. Al-Taqwa gave me the tools I needed to become an independent, ambitious, and a strong Muslim woman.”"

    Laila Aboushamalah, Western University Althouse Graduate, Al-Taqwa Class of 2008